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Name: Barbara Economos
Location: New Hampshire
Email: barbara.economos@houseofcolour.com

Telephone: 978-273-6549

Confidence. Class. Pizzazz. As your Colour Analyst and Image Consultant, I will help you find your personal style. With 200 hours of training at the internationally acclaimed House of Colour in London, England, I offer my clients the highest standard of service.

How did I discover House of Colour?

It happened about fifteen years ago, when I was working as a physician in Greece. One day at lunch, I met a woman who was so well put together and so self-assured I was awestruck! She told me she had been working with a consultant from the House of Colour. A friend convinced me to have my colors analyzed. I bought a blouse in the colors they suggested and before I had even left the store, people were complimenting me.

What services do I provide?
In workshops held at my studio in my home in Wilton, New Hampshire, I now offer the same transformation to anyone (men/women)who wants to feel confident about their appearance.

  • Colour Analysis

At the end of the first workshop, Colour Analysis, clients receive a leather wallet containing samples of the 36 shades that represent their best colors. I will show you how to use this palette of colors to create outfits with coordinating accessories for all occasions.

  • Gratis One-on-One Session

For June, Julyl, and August for anyone who takes the Colour Class, I will include a 60-minute one-on-one session with you with the goal of putting together one or more outfits in your best colors. This session will reinforce your new knowledge about your unique color palette.

  • Personal  Style Day

The next step is the Personal Style workshop. Here the client learns how to dress his/her frame while choosing styles that best express their individual personality.
Anyone who finishes the Colour Analysis workshop can stop there or go on to the other workshops.

  • Men's Image Class

For my gentlemen clients, the Colour Analysis and Image Day are contained in one session. At the end of the session, the client leaves with knowledge of what he needs to look great in his daily life and how to project authority in his working life.

Other Services

  • Wardrobe Review

After the client has completed the Colour Analysis and Image and Style Workshops, I am often asked to go to their home to declutter their closets. At this point, I advise the client which items should be eliminated, which should be altered, which can be worn until a replacement piece can be found, and which are exactly right. With this additonal guidance, clients learn how to use the items currently in their wardrobe and where they have gaps that should be filled in.

  • Personal Shopping

A day of shopping with your personal shopper is an adventure you won't want to miss! You may be looking for a new season's wardrobe or you may need to find items to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. I select the shapes and style of clothing for your individual needs thus saving the client valuable time and money.