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Investment £115.   ½ to ¾ day in a small group.  Leather colour wallet & personalised booklet. 
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Investment £115. ½ to ¾ day in a small group. Leather colour wallet & personalised booklet. Includes refreshments
Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis is the start of an exciting journey, in which you discover how to create your personal brand.

You have a unique skin tone and eye colour, which means some colours make you look great, and some have completely the opposite effect.

This inspiring and revealing session is for you if you want to:

  • discover your own unique blend of colours harmonising with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour
  • Learn how to use your unique and comprehensive range of colours
  • Find out how to add colour to outfits and accessories giving you a wonderful mix and match in your wardrobe
  • Discover a new sense of excitement and self confidence
  • Understand the best essential make up colours for you
  • learn exactly what to wear and how to look your best for every occasion

Knowing and wearing your correct colours will make you look healthier, younger fresher and more dynamic giving you a renewed sense of excitement and confidence.

  • Choosing clothes in the best colours for you ensures your wardrobe will all work together saving you time and money and you won't make those 'bargain' purchases that never get worn.
  • Most of us wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time because instinctively we feel much better in some than in others. Once you know which colours are yours you will understand what it is about that 15% of your wardrobe that makes them wonderful.

5 Great Reasons to Choose House of Colour

Accurate Analysis

Not every image and colour consultant has the same training, expertise, systems and skills as a House of Colour consultant. If you have had your “colours done” in the past and are not convinced that they were correctly analysed, then working with one of House of Colour’s experts will give you the peace of mind that you have been correctly analysed and that you can trust the recommendations that you have been given.

Highly Trained Professional Consultants

You will learn from a professional and expert trainer, who has received the best, most intensive and thorough training available today so that you get an accurate analysis, personal advice and a clear understanding of exactly what to wear.

Lifetime of Benefits

House of Colour gives you the tools to apply what you have learnt for a lifetime. For example, when you complete your colour analysis class you get a leather wallet with fabric swatches (fabric is the only way to get an accurate match, unlike card, Perspex or paper swatches) of your colours which means you’ll know exactly what clothes to buy when you’re shopping so you’ll always buy clothes that you love to wear and make you look your best.

Ongoing Support

Your initial analysis and coaching is just the beginning of our commitment to you. So you can always look your best you will have access to our exclusive product range, up to date and seasonal advice on what to wear, plus additional training opportunities to build on what you have already learnt.

Expertise You Can Trust

Established in 1985, House of Colour is a British company and holds the Investor in People Award, which gives you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a highly professional and respected organisation.

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Key Information

Investment £115.   ½ to ¾ day in a small group.  Leather colour wallet & personalised booklet.  Includes refreshments
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"Just a short note with a big thank you for a wonderful day on Saturday, I had a fantastic time. My husband said I was glowing and took me straight out for the evening and in his words "to show me off"! Friends have said I look stunning, so thank you again for your wonderful work you truly are amazing and I can't wait for my Style class!"

"Two colleagues knew I was going and have been very supportive but to be honest I didn’t really believe them and their compliments as I was convinced they were trying to encourage me. However when a 6 year old girl took me by the hand and told me I looked beautiful I realised that they were telling the truth after all and I did look better! My consultant is a great support and encouragement."