"I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans." Cameron Diaz
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More Services

Shopping Trip

This guided experience is for you when you want to make the most of your shopping trip. Learn how to find new looks and be more effective at creating a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle. Your consultant will be delighted to guide you expertly through what is available in the shops; whether updating your existing wardrobe or assisting you in selecting a new one. By understanding your unique personal colour and style, your consultant will guide and educate you while you shop, working together with you and your budget and lifestyle requirements.

Your rewards are many: new clothes, added styles; a saving of time, money and no costly mistakes.
From £50/hour


'The shopping trip was a well meant gift but not one I would have chosen. It was an amazing experience, Helen was so professional, she knew what I needed and moved at speed, what she packed into an hour would have taken me days -and the outcomes would not have been so impressive. Never has a shopping trip been so successful. She got it so right, styles and colours I would never have dreamed of trying on looked great. Highly recommended.'

Wardrobe review and de-clutter

A valuable and practical session to help you create a wardrobe of clothes that works for your
lifestyle. Take your learning to the next level and stop having a crisis by your wardrobe door in
the morning or before you go out somewhere special!
From £50/hour

Accessorising Workshop

This exciting, hands on, 2 1/2 to 3 hour workshop will ensure you discover the best ways to use accessories to maximum effect. 
£55 each.  You take away:  Your workbook.

Scarf Tying Class

Discover how to wear scarves effectively to suit your personal style and enjoy the hands-on
experience of learning how to tie chic knots that make you look effortlessly stylish.
From £20

Kids Colour

Wearing the right colour matters for youngsters too, you probably remember having your
favourite colours and clothes as a child! You want to buy the right clothes so your kids look good
or select the right hand-me-downs to keep. Your investment pays dividends as they get older and
take control of what they buy and wear; kids and teens alike gain self-esteem from a lifetime's
understanding of their best colours.
£45 each

Colour re-rate

As you go through life, things about you change such as your hair colour, the opacity of your skin
and which colours you feel confident wearing. Whilst your season stays the same, revisiting us
to have your colours re-rated, gives you a fresh look at your colours and what works on you. This
session helps you keep your look fresh and on trend. Leave with refreshed, renewed energy and
inspiration to see your season's colours in your wardrobe.
£50 each


Designed to help you revamp your look in line with current fashion trends or simply to give you a fresh burst of energy and a revitalisation of your make up bag!
From £20 You take away your personalised workbook.

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"I have just had a Wake up your make-up, with Mary, and I can't tell you how impressed I was: she was FABULOUS!!! She really listened, she really got it, she took lots of time and care choosing the colours, she exhibited huge skill in her fine judgments between different options, and I am so delighted with what she has come up with. I can't recommend her highly enough for this!"

Rosalind, (Advanced EFT practitioner and authorised Trainer)