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Welcome to House of Colour - Through expert Colour Analysis, Make Up tuition and assessment by Personal Stylists and highly trained Image Consultants, you will learn everything you need to look great, feel wonderful and become your own excellent personal shopper.

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Our FREE Colour Guide, compiled by your expert Image Consultants and Personal Stylists at House of Colour, gives you a fabulous preview of how colour will feature on the High Street this season. The guide walks you through what’s in the shops and how to wear your best colours to keep your personal style on trend. Understanding your individual colouring makes shopping so easy. Everything in your wardrobe will work with everything else and you’ll know how to make what’s on trend work for you personally.

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Transform your life, your confidence and your wardrobe with Colour Analysis. The 1st step on your Journey with House of Colour. Our Colour and image Consultants are ready to help you discover your very best colours. You’ll be astounded at the difference you see in front of your eyes. Some colours will make you look tired, older and overweight while others bring out a healthy glow, you appear younger and more alive. You’ll understand how to wear them and which make-up colours complement you. Find your nearest consultant.

'I really enjoyed my colour day with you and I'm very excited about putting what I've learnt into practice. I went on the school run today wearing a top that is one of "my" blues, one friend said how nice I looked today and someone else asked me if I’d had my hair done!!! So, proof that it works. Thanks again for a fantastic experience.' Vanessa
A session with an image consultant is a gift that lasts a lifetime imparting valuable life skills and fascinating information to the recipient. Whether for a woman or man, loved one, friend as a reward or thank you for a colleague a House of Colour gift voucher shows you care and have chosen a thoughtful and exciting experience that adds real value to the receiver. Click here to see all the gift voucher options.
Mens Colour & Style Discover how our elite team of Personal Stylists and Colour Consultants can help you look your best and achieve your goals. The Men’s Colour & Style day is full of fascinating learning and is a real eyeopener! Discover how to take the hassle out of mixing and matching clothes in your wardrobe, understand which professional look is appropriate for your work role, gain fashion advice from your personal Image Consultant to keep your look current and make shopping for clothes easy for the rest of your life. Find your nearest consultant.

'I put it off for a year or more on the basis that it would probably only be superficial stuff about clothes and I'd be told to dress to a formula and if I’m honest, I didn’t really think it was for men! Far from being a superficial experience, the information was imparted in a way which was clear, direct, business like, diplomatic and rewarding.' Angus, East Anglia
Training to be a Colour and image Consultant is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world! Imagine working with people to transform their lives through their appearance. Giving them the tools to dress in colours and styles that make them look and feel amazing and having the satisfaction of seeing their self confidence grow. You have all the benefits of being self employed, flexible working days and times that can fit around the rest of your life and benefit from the most comprehensive training in the world. Click here to see what some of our consultants say. Come and join us!
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